Surface Sizing of Paper

Servall's Sizer products offer various application methods for all paper machine sizes grades - with film and pond application. All sizers have a robust and optimised construction combined with high functionality and quality with a low cost of ownership.

In surface sizing or size application, Surface Sizing Starch, or other types of size or pigmented size, is applied to the paper sheet surface to improve its strength, surface properties or water resistance. Sizing is often used to modify surface properties before coating.
Surface Sizing in Paper Industry is used throughout manufacture to reduce the paper's tendency once dry to soak up liquid, with the goal of permitting inks and paints to stay on the surface of the paper and to dry there, instead of be absorbed into the paper.

Servall’s sizers advantages:

  • Established and safe Solutions
  • Highly reliable
  • lower maintenance and reduced downtimes
  • Easy upgrades
  • Fast delivery time including shorter installation and start-up time
  • Pre-Assembled and tested deliveries.

Servall Film Sizer

Servall Film - sizer with film application - offers operational and advanced design, simple and dependable solutions ensuing ease of installation, quick start-up & operation, which also makes it the perfect choice for rebuild projects.

A thin film of size or coating is applied to the surface of an applicator roll. The film is transferred to both sides of the paper sheet in a nip formed between two transfer rolls. The film application method provides improved runability. Concurrent application on both sides of the sheet also saves space, which provides a competitive advantage.

Servall Film Sizer Advantages:

  • Optimised film application method with straight composite beam
  • Wide range of application potential - size amount, solids content, speed etc.
  • High-quality components
  • Pre-Assembled deliveries ensure fast installation and quick start-up
  • Precise nip loads for exact size amounts
  • Ease of beam adjustment
  • User friendly simple controls

Servall Pond Sizer

Pond size application is mainly intended for Packaging grades, for heavy printing jobs, and for board when through-sizing is needed.

The size is fed to the pond through size distribution pipes located above the nip. Return flow from the pond is drained to the machine tank.

Servall Pond Sizer Advantages:

  • No consumables
  • High starch penetration
  • Ease operation & maintenance