Paper Machine Press Section

The job of the paper machine press section is to remove water, mainly through wet pressing. Wet pressing increases sheet dryness in order to assure increased paper machine drying capacity and to improve sheet runability at the beginning of the dryer section. The press section also has a major impact on sheet surface properties such as roughness and absorption, and indirectly also on bulk.
The tendency towards lower GSM, higher speeds, lower-grade raw material, closed production cycles, and requirement for improvements in printability, place special needs on the press section configurations. Servall's paper machine press section solutions are designed to assure coherent levels of efficiency required for high quality and runability.

Linear Press Section

Servall Linear Press Section
(with Suction Press/ Jumbo Press/ Straight through Press)
Suction Press Roll Paper Machine

Servall Linear Jumbo presses with or without suction press roll paper machine combination at the first nip provides longer dwell times and higher press impulses that improve dryness after the paper machine press section. A high sheet dry content brings savings also in drying energy. The two or more straight press nips produce a strong sheet and ensure good moisture profile in the sheet after the paper machine press section.

Jumbo Press Paper Machine

Servall Linear Jumbo Press meets the huge dewatering capacity requirements of packaging grade paper or containerboard machines. The concept can be applied to both new lines and rebuilds.

Centre Roll Based Press section

Centre Roll Based Press section
(Combi -Bi Nip/ Bi Nip/ Tri Nip)

Centre roll based press section - is a dependable, well-known concept that combines close to 50 years of pressing technology expertise with modern technology. With this solution, one can achieve improved sheet dryness just before the first open draw; the resulting boost in dryness thus fully benefits sheet runability. If necessary to meet end quality requirements, a centre-roll based press can be followed by a separate roll press.
In the containerboard production from recycled fibre, machines dedicated to high speeds and lower GSM can be equipped with Centre roll based press section.
Centre roll based press section allows the closed draw between the press nips, which improves runability at higher speeds and end product qualities, such as strength and porosity.

Centre roll based press section advantages:

Compact design in New Lines & easy to apply in rebuilds
Improved dryness and good moisture profiles
A dependable concept with many references both in Paper and board machines
Added capacity potential in rebuilds