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Coating air dryers are designed for high drying capacity. With specially designed air dryer nozzles, the dryers achieve uniform evaporation with minimum energy consumption, high efficiency and excellent runnability.

Coating drying is very energy demanding process and with air dryers it is possible to cut to half the energy costs of it. The energy efficiency of air dryers ranges from 70 to 90 % and respectively the energy efficiency of infrared dryers only from 30 to 40 %. So energy savings with air drying are 50 % or more compared to infrared drying. The air dryers are high efficiency coating dryers for all Coated Paper Machine and Board grades. They can be used for both, new machines and rebuilds. Air dryer is suitable for positions where there earlier have been only IR dryers in rebuilds

Drying with air dryers gives

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Improved drying capacity
  • Improved end product quality
  • Improved runnability
  • Low cost and ease of operation and maintenance
  • Improved working environment
  • Safe work environment - less fire hazard