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Pope Reel for a Paper Machine

Servall is best paper reel manufacturers and suppliers and the purpose of the reel is to continuously wind up and store the paper produced by the pope reel for a paper machine while it operates at full speed. Here, it is essential that the paper is wound without defects, such as wrinkles or bursts across the paper diameter. In this process, the optical quality of the surface must not to be changed, and it is crucial that there be minimal waste in the core and at the outer layers. Another main goal is reliable turn up with a proper start of winding from the beginning.

With the Servall's reeling concepts that fully meet all requirements with regard to winding quality and cost-effectiveness.

Servall pope reel for a paper machine comes with options of hydraulic / pneumatic and with traditional pivoting secondary arms, or with linear secondary arms as per the specific requirements.

Servall's reels can be equipped with an automatic reel spool loading system and with an automatic facility to store the finished reels and load them onto the rewinder. Featuring an automatic turn-up sequence, the reel is easy to operate and helps minimize waste.

Servall Pope Reel Advantages:

  • Compact layout, easy to install
  • High performance reeling and turn-up efficiency
  • Highest quality through excellent roll structure
  • Available in hydraulic and pneumatic type
  • Available with Pivoting secondary arms or Linear secondary arm
  • Designed for ease of accessibility, operation and maintenance
  • Optional automatic turn-up
  • Improved effective and simple control system